Friday, November 16, 2012

Video PSA: Gerbils on a Train

The video PSA "Gerbils of a Train" aims to get children to brush their teeth. It really draws this young audience (and parents) in through a very playful plot. The childlike scene of gerbils riding a toy train around while dressed in hats grasps the attention of children, who would find this funny. Children can relate to this scene because they enjoy playing with toys and many like animals.

The PSA, then, states that children spend a lot of time online watching videos such as the gerbils riding the train, but many do not spend 2 minutes twice a day brushing their teeth. By relating internet use to teeth brushing, this PSA aims to show how little time dental hygiene actually takes.

In the end, this video shows children brushing their teeth with big smiles on their faces. This was done to show kids that brushing their teeth can be fun, not a hassle. Thus, more children will want to brush their teeth.

In addition to the gerbils, toy train, and fun feeling, this PSA also used bright colors and upbeat music. This made it seem like a show a child would watch. By doing so, it not only encourages parents to get their children to brush their teeth, but it makes the child excited to do so.

Gerbils on a Train PSA

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